Differentiating your Consumer Electronic Packaging

After visiting CES and seeing the existing packaging trends for consumer electronics, we have gathered six insights and suggestions for packaging new consumer electronic launches.  Take a look below.

1.V-Groove SBS does not seem to be widely used by smaller consumer electronics companies.  In fact, I only found one box at CES made with this technique.

2.Brand colors stood out on shelf.  Shy away from all white or black with product images unless there are side accents.  All of the products tend to blend in together on shelf.

3.Explore felt and other natural & approachable materials instead of thermoforms and foam for smaller electronics.  Perhaps even wood or bamboo.

4.Design elements like texture and patterns not utilized often in tray design but have a large impact on perceived value.

5.Very little custom molded shapes being used.  Sometimes molded shapes can be gimmicky, but sometimes they fit the brand.

6.Very little specialty art papers being used.  This would work great with the wearable tech and jewelry hybrid that is trending.


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