Honda Printing Holdings: Our Parent Company:

Villea Design is the US design office and subsidiary of Honda Printing Holdings, one of the top printing and packaging manufacturing companies in China.  Our relationship with Honda Printing has fostered a deep understanding of the production process within the culture of Villea.  This means we not only know how to make unique packaging designs, but we also know how to produce them effectively and efficiently.

In addition to manufacturing knowledge, Honda also provides global support through their regional offices, logistics and value adding services.

While Villea Design is a subsidiary of Honda Printing, we are not tied to producing solely with Honda.  We can work with your existing network as well as provide additional options.

Villea Design’s Mission:

Like our namesake, the bougainvillea flower, Villea Design strives to be unique, stunning and durable, even under extreme conditions. Our mission is to help your product be like the bougainvillea; make an impact and thrive in the unfriendly conditions of the competitive retail shelf.

Villea’s Believes In:

We know good design is a balance between design intent and manufacturability:  a balance between function, aesthetics, and of course cost.

There is more than one way to solve a problem and we help our clients find the best way for their individual needs.

Everything should be designed with purpose and knowledge of the complete packaging process from manufacturing to kitting.

Simple packaging is not only cost effective, but usually more aesthetically pleasing and better for the environment.

Packaging and sustainability are often at odds.  We understand there is a need to fulfill environmentally friendly solutions as well as execute trendy, interesting packaging.  Therefore, we know it is our responsibility to design with the environment in mind and we urge our customers to use recycled and recyclable materials in their packaging. We can  suggest ecologically friendly solutions through out the packaging process.  Please ask us about more sustainable options at any point. Waste not.