Each Project is Different

We customize our solutions based on the needs of our clients.  We can help at any stage of the packaging process from concept to engineering or manufacturing.

 Our New Product Design Process:

  • Each project is different and customized to our clients needs.  In general, regardless of the situation, we always start with an in-depth conversation with our clients about their requirements, budget, expectations and timeline.
  • After the conversation a project estimate and timeline will be provided for client approval.
  • After approval and retainer payment we get started on the design process.
  • First, if required by the project, we research and analyse what is currently in the market. We will provide a document detailing our current findings and our recommended approach.
  • Second, the magic happens, and we start developing concepts, either internally with sketches, or through detailed renderings.
  • Third, through a collaborative and iterative process with our clients, the concepts are refined and a final direction established.
  • Fourth, the engineering begins and more refined component pricing can be determined.
  • Fifth, prototypes are created and approved by client.
  • Sixth, once factory prototypes are reviewed and approved by client, they are passed off to manufacturing.