Whether we aid in the the conceptual development, or if you already have a concept in mind, we can help create prototypes to fit-test your product and provide proof of concept before production.

Our in-house prototyping capabilities utilize both domestic and Chinese materials so we can be sure where ever you are manufacturing, the materials represent the materials that will be used in production.

Our in-house prototyping capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Set-up and rigid board boxes
  • SBS, CCNB, and other folding carton materials
  • Corrugated cartons, shippers, inserts, trays, etc.
  • V-grooving of both SBS and Grayboard
  • 3d printing and one-off molded pulp trays
  • Printed carton and corrugated mock-ups

In addition to in-house prototypes, our global partners can provide prototypes from their locations to ensure a rapid response time no matter where you are.